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I help my audiences find greater peace
and reconciliation in their relationships.

"Choosing Your Voice for a Change."

Choosing Your Voice For A Change - Jim Smith
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... a choice is involved.

When a voice is involved...


Where I've been...

I grew up in Cincinnati and graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with a Bachelors Degree in Broadcasting.  And as a sophomore there, I auditioned for and was selected as the play-by-play announcer for Miami's full schedule of football and basketball broadcasts on WMUB 88.5 FM.  It was an amazing experience for a college kid.  After graduating, I worked for 4 years in sales and management jobs for two Fortune 500 companies...but these jobs were all wrong for me...and I was miserable...because I was chasing someone else's dream.

Then..........God intervened.  At the age of 26, I suffered through a deep and dark clinical depression which hospitalized me and forced me to evaluate everything about my life, including: who was in charge of my life.....and what I was chasing after.  I received very clear, grace-filled answers to those two questions, and as a result, my life changed in 2 ways:  1) drastically.....and 2) for the better.  I pulled a complete U-turn in my career, made a decision to pursue a new-found, God-given purpose.....and began what became a successful and fulfilling 25-year career working as a radio host (anchoring the morning shows at WARM 98 and STAR 93.3 in Cincinnati, among others), and also working for the last 30 years as a voice-over artist, providing thousands of voices for commercials and corporate projects.  

And the latest destination on this God-navigated journey of mine.....has allowed me to be a grateful amplifier of the Voice of Truth.  I talk to audiences about something that has fascinated me for my entire life: voices.  I talk to them about their voices.  Because.....when a voice is involved....a choice is involved.

That our choices determine, to a great extent, the lives that we lead.

That our relationships are where we find the greatest meaning and satisfaction in life,
      but also the great
est pain.  


That our God is a God of second-chances and never-ending grace, and that it's far more important how we        finish this life than how we began it.

And.....that our growth is not optional...if we desire to live the life that Jesus offers us: "a better life than        you ever dreamed of." (John 10:10 MSG)  Healthy things grow.  So if you and I aren't growing....we're        not healthy.  

What I believe...


(an incomplete list)


How I help...

I help people find greater peace and reconciliation in their relationships.  
(Disclaimer:  If no one in your group has any relationships in their life, my message is not for you.)  

I remind my audiences that a voice gets its power not from how it sounds, but from what it says... and how it impacts others.  With voices...especially in relationships...it's our words that matter.  Our words have the impact.  Our words are what others remember, and each day of our lives, you and I get to choose how we'll use our voices.  Will we use them to create hope and healing in others...or to create hurt and harm?

I encourage my audiences to use 3 specific voices  in ANY and ALL of their relationships. (One of those voices is a "Voice of Humility") And.....I show people that using these 3 voices  not only improves our relationships, but also "keeps us aligned" with what Jesus ---theVoice of Truth---would have us do.

This formula for personal growth is both simple and practical,  and I will humbly tell you that that's exactly why people find it to be so helpful.  It would be my honor and privilege to share it with your group.

"Jim's message shares practical steps on harnessing the
healing power of our own voices within relationships, and his audiences walk away with a road-map that deepens their faith journeys...and enriches their lives."

Alan Mason, President

K-Love Radio Networks

Dave Workman

Dave Workman, Partnership Advisors

Author,  President, Partnership Advisors;

former pastor, Vineyard Cincinnati Church.

"Jim Smith is the real deal!  In a world of fractured and broken relationships, we need a clear voice that offers Biblical and empathetic help.  Jim is a first-class communicator and has been a guiding voice in the Christian radio community for many years.  With his self-effacing, humorous and integrity-filled approach, Jim is the ideal speaker for these times.  I strongly recommend him!"




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